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At, we respect your privacy. This page is a complete explanation of any and all info that is stored or used that may relate to you.

If you are transmitting the Do Not Track header, then by default, we will not save any cookies. This can be overridden by clicking a button. When you click that button, it will place a cookie called override_dnt on your computer. The existence of this cookie is checked at the same time as the DNT header. If the header is being transmitted and the cookie doesn't exist, then no cookies will be saved. If the cookie does exist, or if the header is not being transmitted, then cookies will be enabled. You may click another button to remove the override_dnt cookie.

In order to promote trust, all JavaScript that is used on this site has been released as open-source, under the LGPL. The scripts may be found here . Depending on feasibility, there may eventually be an option to turn these off as well.